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This weeks most disturbing news came via a book review I received.

As you know my new book “Career Change” is coming out soon, so I have asked some people to review it.

They have very kindly looked beyond the typos and written some pretty cool stuff.

What disturbed me however was that one lady told me that my book confirmed why she had hated the place she worked for 24 years. To be more specific “I hated every minute I worked there for 24 years.”

I wish I had got there sooner. I wish I had got there 24 years ago. No one should stay in a job they hate – NO ONE.

You have options and alternatives. Everyone does. I don’t care what the economy is doing, even at it’s worst, you have options.

So why would anyone stay in a job they hated for 24 years?

The psychology is interesting and complex. I can’t speak about this particular case but I can talk more generally.

I am going to refer to an old friend of mine, Estrella the elephant. (see photo below)

When elephants are being trained they are initially tethered with a chain around their ankle. But after a few months the chain is replaced with a bit of rope. Now the elephant could easily break the rope but it never tries to. It accepts the tether because it is conditioned to behave that way, even if it doesn’t like the tether.

This is one of the reasons why someone stays in a job they hate for 24 years.

Don’t let it be you. You have options. It’s only a piece of string. You can easily break it if you try.