Ali Campbell – Just Get On With It

This book has possible the best subtext of all

“A caring, compassionate, kick up the ass!”

I believe that is what Ali wanted to call it but the publishers probably took fright.

I review this book as something of an expert, in that I have read pretty much everything that falls under the personal development category and this book holds its own with the best of them.

Now finding something new to say in the personal development arena is extremely difficult. There are dozens of household names writing new books all the time but I can honestly say that Ali has touched on a few gems in this book.

I bookmarked 14 pages, which is a few more than I book marked in “Awaken the Giant Within”. To be honest, one new idea that deserves book marking is enough, so 14 is a really high score.

Who should read this book?

Anyone that needs a kick in the arse or at least feels they do (which is probably most of us). There are a couple of ideas that are instantly empowering; the kind of thing you read and go “bloody hell!” I had a couple of those breakthrough moments reading “Just Get On With it” and I suspect you will too.

I love the case studies and the anecdotes too. These bring Ali into the room with you, where you get to ride shotgun with him on some pretty strange and wonderful experiences. I am fascinated with the human condition, especially my own and Ali shares some very strange human conditions with you in the book. He uses these to make some very important points, stuff you can grasp in a few moments.

I know it’s a personality issues but I am not the most patient and have trouble with advice that sounds like “Do this for 15 years every day and eventually something will happen”. I prefer, “try this once and see a result right away” and this is what Just Get On With It is full of.

If you really want to make a difference to your life in 2010 then there is no better place to start than Just Get On With it.

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