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I’ve got a couple of stitches on my tongue. Nothing serious but it means I can’t speak.

Not being to speak is a real issue for a gab like me. I make my living speaking. I can talk for hours about psychology and career without a note.

I have a lot of words. More than is reasonable. More than most.

So how is this enforced silence affecting me?

It’s murder. I’m bursting with stuff to say. I recorded four new videos yesterday because just thinking about not being able to speak inspired new things to say.

So can I still be an extravert if I can’t speak? Well of course. If anything even more so.

There are lots of people not given a chance to speak out. Most school children, most of the time, for instance.

I think it’s harder on Julie. On one hand her ears get a rest but not hearing me blathering on will naturally trigger feelings of “what’s wrong?” of course she knows it’s just the stitches but that initial response can’t be helped. It also leaves a lot of air space for her to fill.

I’ll be back to normal in a few days but I spare a thought for all the frustrated and thwarted extraverts that dont get to express themselves.