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A few years ago, back when I worked in a factory I coined the term “geographical independence”. My friend dave and I used to dream of a time when we would no longer be tied to the factory and could make our living from anywhere.

Back then it was just wishful thinking; a dream if you like.

A few years on I added another fanciful notion, to add to “geographical independence”, I decided that I want to hang out, drinking coffee, with interesting people, most probably writers, who have cool things to say.

And I suspect when I was a boy, like every other boy, I dreamed of having a Ferrari.

Yesterday I was visiting my friend and author, Ali Campbell. (He makes the best coffee ever). He told me about his latest book, which is a cracker. We didn’t get out for a hurl in his new Ferrari because it was a bit icy, so we will save that for a sunny day.

I haven’t been tied to an office for over ten years and have been fully geographically independent for at least seven. I have worked from France, Spain, Czech republic , canada and Ukraine, over the last few years and nobody noticed.

I have witnessed fanciful notions and boyhood dreams materialise for me and some of the people I know.

At the time I asked for these things I had no idea how to achieve them. I’m not sure I initially believed it was possible. But as the dream persisted I had more ideas as to how to bring it to reality. Ali has never mentioned anything about getting a Ferrari so I expect his was a similar experience, where it just sort of happened.

Ali works hard. I work hard. But while we are working hard on our business, our subconscious is working hard on our dreams. It takes effort but it is better if it’s indirect effort.

So go visit your dreams. Ask a lot from life as you may wake up to a new Ferrari in your drive.


Ali’s new carbon fibre cup holder for the Ferrari.