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Is it unrealistic to expect to love what you do? Is it asking too much?

I’m a great believer in asking a lot from life. Maybe you will not get all that you ask for but you will never get more than you ask for.

When you set out the expectation to love what you do for a living, then you are planting seeds of expectation. Not all seeds germinate but they stand a good chance of doing so if you stick them in the ground.

But it’s not just a nicely or a luxury. Everything depends upon it. It’s not possible to sustain success if you do not love what you do.

I know there is a common philosophy of  “I hate this job but I get paid well for it”. But is this really good enough? an you honestly expect to be promoted with that kind of attitude? People can tell if you love what you do or not and they prefer to work with people who genuinely do. Don’t you?

When you do not love what you do your success, if any, is short lived. So don’t settle for anything less than finding a job that you love to do. This is the secret to success. Do not chase the money as it will always elude you. Do what you do out of love and the money may come.