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It’s a hard fact to face but my hair is thinning. (That’s not me in the picture, that’s Scottish Comedian Gregor Fisher). So I am cutting it shorter and shorter and coming to terms with it. It’s no big deal really.

I have decided against going down the comb over route, for there lies the road to madness and eternal bad hair days.

It has made me realise however that we all participate in the “Personality Comb Over”. We try and cover up the obvious bald spots in our personality with something that really doesn’t belong.

The Personality Comb Over is about as appealing as Gregor Fisher’s. Are we really kidding anyone? Are we a joke and are we coming across just as ridiculous as if we were using our eyebrow hair to comb over our bald nappers?

It’s ok to have bald spots both on our napper and in our personalities. It is better to accept it and embrace it. It is better to be honest and authentic. Comb overs never look cool. Comb overs aren’t kidding anyone.

So be who you are. Be happy with it. Say goodbye to bad hair days. Say goodbye to worrying about the wind and if people can tell that you are bald because they can and you are not fooling anyone but yourself. Embrace the bald man inside you, don’t deny who you are. Be confident in your own skin. Some will love you, some will not and no amount of personality comb overs will alter that.