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What do I do?

I’ve spent many years figuring out what makes people tick.

When working with individuals I look at how they can tick better, be more effective and more productive. I help them become successful at what they do and ensure they are doing the right things in the right way.

When I am working with companies I ensure that they are getting the most from their people. I ensure they select the right people in the first place and I show them how to develop their potential and get the best from them.

Here is a list of the things we could work on together. There is a short video explaining each. I do public and private in-house events.

How to create an ideal work environment

Environment matters. It matters to plants, to fish and to your staff. If you really want to get the best from your staff then you need to know how to create the right environment.

Business Personality

What’s your business’ personality? Whether you like it or not, your business has a personality but is it the personality you aspire to?

Team Building

Every business is dependent upon teams of people. Effective teams bring profitability. Ineffective teams bring headaches and failure. If you want to know how to create more effective teams then watch the video.

Managing Others

Good management makes for good business. But do you understand the psychology behind management? Watch the video for a little insight into more effective management.

How To Hire

Discover the secret to making better, more reliable hiring decisions. It doesn’t need to be a gamle. Watch the video for details on how to hire.


Who is going to lead your business? Leadership is the critical difference. If you want more from your existing leaders or you want to identify tomorrows leaders then watch the video.

Project Management

Are your projects late? In this short video you will discover why your projects are late and what you can do about it.

Other websites you may find me on

CareerPsychometrics LogoCareerPsychometrics

Career development made easy.

Discover what career you should be doing. Get more interviews and get more job offers for the right jobs for you with these free personality tools. Here is just one of the comments about the CareerPsychometrics guides:

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PeopleMaps LogoPeopleMaps

Psychometric testing can measure knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality. Ten years ago, I founded PeopleMaps and we designed a fast, easy questionnaire to specifically measure personality. Designed exclusively for personality centric psychometric testing on the web, the questionnaire results in maximum accuracy.

This meeting of technology and psychology has been deployed throughout the globe in organisations as diverse as hairdressing salons to world’s biggest car manufacturer.