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Top 5 movies

Julie, Ruaridh and I talk about our top 5 movies quite often. But there is more than one top 5 list.

For instance;

1) top 5 movies I could watch repeatedly

2) top 5 movies I feel Ruaridh should see

3) top 5 movies that make me laugh

4) top 5 movies that carry an important message

5) top 5 movies that should be part of Ruaridh’s education

I could go on and probably will in part 2. The truth is that all of the top 5 lists are too hard.

Would I include “Delicatessan” and if so on which list?

And what about “Diva”, the film that opened my heart to opera. Sure I had listened to opera but it was a locked door. It was as though I could look in the window but not get into the room.

Diva and it’s star Wilhelmina Fernandez

changed all that, so what price can you put on a film that gave me opera?

And so many French films that make me laugh, cry and think all at the same time.

I am forever grateful to Doug Buchanan, an old work colleague, who introduced me to Jean de Florette. He gave me the videos and I then read the books and Marcel Pagnol became familiar to me.

I like that I share some history that French people take for granted.

There is something immensely satisfying about having someone enjoy a film you have recommended, particularly when’s it’s your son.

As you know teenagers know everything and parents know nothing. Which reminds me of a story David Niven told about an arrogant Italian film producer who was enraged by peter sellers and David niven’s larking about.

He felt his decisions were being called into question by inferiors and shouts at them the following; “you know fuck nothing. I know fuck all”

It’s a tricky thing language. Thankfully the movies teach a lot about how to use it.

Kung Fu films have been important ever since Bruce Lee inspired a generation of kids to take up martial arts. But which list? And which movies?

Where does The Crow go? And do I include Brandon Lees other movies as he is important and tragic and legacy.

Do Kung Fu films get a top 5 list of their own? Is hero a Kung Fu film or a historical drama?

Which reminds me, where do the period dramas go? Is there a better way learn about history? Rein Margot is a great example. Very real, so real you can almost smell the stench of the place. If this was how they taught history at school I would have shown more interest.

Ok better end Part 1. It is apparent there is a lot more to the question “what’s your top 5 films?”