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Been an important week for movies. Shared two important films with Ruaridh this week.

The Shawshank Redemption and Mad Max 2.

Neither film was on any of my top 5 lists last week but having watched them again, they deserve an entry.

Lots I could say about max but I have to mention the music. An exceptional score. Released in 1981 I was therefore about the same age as Ruaridh is now. This in itself is poignant.

I don’t remember noticing the music before but in many ways it made the film. The film symbolises a lot of things that are important to a young man. Freedom, the open road, no responsibilities. A simple life and a lot of Cool.

Not sure if there is a message I want Ruaridh to take from Mad Max but enjoyed sharing it with him all the same.

As for Shawshank he simply loved it. Again I have no idea what message is in there but it feels important. Morgan Freeman just adds gravitas to everything he touches.

So am I any further forward with my top 5 lists? No. If anything I am further away. But enjoying the journey.

So it looks like there will be a part 3.