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All companies have a personality. And just like the people we meet; some of them we like and some of them we don’t.

For instance, I really dislike the power / utility companies. If they were people they would be referred to as “eeejits” (a Scottish word). It doesn’t matter what they do, cause everything they do upsets me, annoys me and makes me want to scream.

The exception is Scottish Gas maintenance team. They quietly delight me every time I have to deal with them. Their call centre people that phone occationally don’t really help things but the team in the field, the ones that actually turn up and do a great job, are just brill. They are “Good Guys”.

What you have to ask yourself is “is your company an Eejit or a Good Guy?”

The amazing thing is that you have a choice. Why anyone would choose to be an Eejit is beyond me but many of them do, particularly the utility companies.

How do you avoid coming across as an eejit?

Simple, don’t act like one. Don’t do anything to customers or prospects that you don’t like done to yourself. Don’t phone them uninvited to talk rubbish when they are having their dinner. Instead , knock some money off their next bill – that will earn you delight and make you a “Good Guy”.

Don’t talk rubbish and confuse the issues. Talk straight. Be truthful.

Your company has a personality just like you and me. It starts from deep inside and comes to the surface. It’s not something you can cover up with a bit of make-up.