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Working with a great bunch last week. They deliberately do not hire traditional sales people and yet all their people are paid on commission. Why? Because they outsell traditional sales people by ten to one.

Their training course shows you how to ignore buying signals, avoid using closing techniques, avoid making a presentation, avoid talking about the product and most importantly of all, avoid trying to sell anything.

Bonkers right?

. . . .Wrong.

These guys have conversion rates you can only dream about. They have built a huge business which has grown year on year, when ALL of their competitors are declining or going bust.

Why does it work?

Because they focus on one thing . . . .the individual.

They understand the importance of the individual. They realise how important each individual personality is. They focus on making a positive improvement in the individuals life. They take an interest. They focus more on the individual than they do on their commission cheque.

We can all learn from them.