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Our businesses are all run by people,

yet nobody understands how they


When I was a boy every car came with a Haynes Manual. This was mainly because cars were quite unreliable and most people did their own repairs and maintenance.

Humans are much more complicated than old cars and yet Haynes don’t do a manual. So in the absence of a manual we do what we did in the old days; we wing it.

Unfortunately that usually results in a bigger problem than we started with; it usually ends up in the human equivalent of a handful of  “spare parts” left over.

“Winging it” when dealing with human personality scares the life out of me. It’s like watching someone tear into their new Mercedes  to adjust the timing with some tools they have never used and without a manual. It’s not going to end well.

If I continue the car analogy; just because we drive about in cars every day, doesn’t mean we can get under the bonnet and do our own repairs and maintenance.

The good news however is that an understanding of personality is possible. It is accessible. There may not be a Haynes manual but I have the next best thing.