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Workshops & Seminars

Yin Yang Personality

Discover who you really are. Using Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Martin will introduce you to the real you. Ever wondered, “why did I do that?” or “Why did I say that or react like that?” Martin will tell you.

Your personality type determines everything you do, say and think. This entertaining workshop explains personality and its impact on you and your business. This is Jungian Psychology as you have never seen it before. More

Sales Development Through Personality

Got a sales force? Want to know how to significantly increase your sales performance? Then you need to understand personality.

Personality is the single biggest factor determining sales success. If you don’t understand personality then are under performing as a sales unit. Sales directors need to understand this and sales managers need to understand this. More

How to Hire the Right Personality

You may hire on skills but you will fire on attitude.

Maverick Career Development and Outplacement

A workshop for individuals dissatisfied with their lot and who feel there is something more.

Don’t expect your usual “how to write a CV and apply for jobs just as crappy as the one you have / had”. No, this is a completely maverick approach to career development but it may be the only way you will ever land your dream job.

Unique Workshop Support Materials

Every workshop comes with its own unique support materials. Here is an explanation of personality centric support materials.